Furniture accessories in exclusive metals

Decorate with style with an object that speaks for itself or about you: that is the prerogative of the quest for design carried out by Emanuela and Tommaso Nicoletti, respectively an engineer and architect from Catania, whose partnership has resulted in the creation of the etn_art brand, which specializes in furniture accessories in exclusive metals. The pieces created by etn_art are either inspired by the creativity of the two professionals, or tailor-made to suit the customer’s own ideas and desires, and the design is high-end due to the distinctiveness of the brand’s creative process. The result is unique – attributable to the elegance of the curves and shapes, and reflects the quality of Made in Italy design.

Steel and Iron: originality

Iron and steel: these are the materials that, due to their modernity, durability and versatility, have been selected for use for the furniture accessories created by the team. Etn_art is both an acronym of the designers’ names and a homonym of the Sicilian volcano Etna. The brand’s creations were presented to the public at the 2012 edition of Fuorisalone Milan, and won praise from other industry professionals, not only for the products’ originality but also for the creative process that brings each piece to life.

Every space has its own identity.

The distinctive character of every project is represented by the desire to conceive ad hoc each “piece“ which, unique both in content and dimensionality in relation to the conditions of space and light of the display area, transforms and personalizes the environment for the person for whom it has been created. The attention to each detail in the design phase, and the craftsmanship manifested in the final creation, expresses the most sought-after values of design, and thus makes each etn_art creation unexampled and exclusive.

Furnishings inspired by the mediterranean

Creativity is the initial phase, and is represented by intuitively drawn sketches, which are inspired by the native land of the two professionals. The design and the selection of suitable materials, by type and thickness, follows in the second phase, and is chosen in connection to the object’s projected use. The freehand sketches, first scanned and then transposed on metal plates, come to life through cuts made into the metal by high-precision technological tools, defining the object by its lines and shapes.

Design and craftsmanship

Every single “piece”, is a blend of creativity, design, and technology and is the result of research and prototype testing. Each “piece” is rendered even more unique by the fact that it is handmade, formed by using different techniques and through the use of special tools, so that each piece creates its own light effects and contrasts which vary depending on viewpoint.

Games of shadows and reflected light

Light, in particular, is so essential in making the most of every creation, almost to the point of being inseparable from the same because it enhances the effects specially generated on the surface of the piece, while its detachment from the wall creates an additional play of shadows that gives three-dimensionality to the supporting flat surface.

The style and the spirit of an object that is yours, and only yours

Conceived for clients who know what they want, devotees of taste and quality, these special creations are part of a genre of furniture that can be forcefully displayed in hotels, resorts or prestigious business centers, to give an exclusive and uniform character by use of typical Mediterranean themes as well as abstract geometric shapes, both of which inspire the designers, or alternatively, themes requested by the client in order to bestow their desired characteristics.

Every corner of your world becomes unique and priceless

Wall panels, lamps, headboards and countless other etn_art furnishings are aimed at people who are passionate about beauty and are eager to experience to the fullest their work and life spaces. These accessories are designed to give a personalized interpretation to each space, from the most exclusive luxury residences like villas, houses and yachts, in both modern and classic settings. In every context, the combinations are daring yet fitting. Thus, the first etn_art collection is directed at the expression of the potentiality of each project, the goal being the creation of furniture pieces designed “only for your space.”